STINT was founded by a group of technology enthusiasts in 2009 as informal group,
to cluster thought leaders and explore future involvement.

STINT is a progressive Think Tank that develops ideas of possible future technology scenarios.

STINT supports scientific research and advanced ideas, foster interactive and constructive dialogue between researchers, professionals and thought leaders which brings benefits to mankind, and establish a cross-industry network for innovators, influencers, science, media, entrepreneurs etc to positively shape the future of technology in cooperation with research organisations or institutes and enables the human society to evolve with technology and not against.

STINT is an umbrella to consolidate its members and enable them to organize workshops, speeches, lectures, consulting etc to positively shape public and political opinion about the future of technology.

STINT acts as advisory board for following projects and have chance to get involved Membership and full access to open innovation network. For nonEU partners, consulting and liason services are offered to prevent delays and misunderstandings within EU.

STINT is NOT a politically motivated Think Tank or assigned to political streams.