The Corporate Anarchist

Objective: Many companies stumble when it comes to realignment.

Is the growth too fast? Is the culture still appropriate? How do we position ourselves for the future? How do we set up new and innovative business models? Do we still have the right products?

Existential questions that usually require external support. An expertise with a view beyond the horizon.

In particular, the handling of data and an agile approach are often the big question marks, that require attention. Multimodality, multiperspectivity, solution orientation and humancentricity are key.

Approach and Benefit: 

Step 1: a non-binding meeting and quick analysis of the needs – 1 day

Step 2: workshop (4-8days) in which the prevailing structures are analysed and helping techniques are trained                       

  • Learn, Unlearn and Relearn
  • Differences between linear and exponential companies
  • Differences in mindset problem orientation vs solution orientation
  • Multiperspectivity and Ecosystem Thinking
  • CrossInnovation Method
  • Collaboration and Cooperation
  • Communication
  • The five technological layers for data dominated businesses

Step 3: outline next stages of employee and company (culture) development – ca 4 days

  • Passion, Purpose & Pleasure
  • How other companies are taking small steps in this direction
  • How automotive will hit the wall and pharma is waking up
  • Importance of the UBI and how ESG will enable a new economy

Additional topics on demand with individual planning

  • From unbossing, flat hierarchies to self-organizing systems
  • Cybersyn 4.0 and Corporate AI Systems
  • Circular Economy as new imperative and path to the Circular Society
  • New Material Science as enabler for Future of Manufacturing
  • Distributed, Shared and Flexible Manufacturing

Possible is a workshop as a basic day only with overview, extremely compressed or a working week to go deeper into the topics.

It would also be conceivable to spread 1-2 days over a month. 

The important thing is interaction instead of frontal sound reinforcement.

Additional offer is a roadshow to New York City as short reminder of US culture, mindsets and preparation for dissonance in communication. The trip includes:

  • 1 day at Microsoft Garage with Mike Pell and the Fast Design Method
    • Inspiration for collaboration and hybrid workplaces. 
  • 1 day at MaterialConnexion, the largest material “library”. 
    • Collect impressions, experiencing new materials. What does it mean for 3D printing.
  • 1 or 2 day(s) at NewLab, an accelerator, incubator, hot tech hub. 
    • See and experience how startups deal with technologies. What findings their industry partners have and how the equipment is used. The needed spirit and how to help each other and break down silos.
  • 1 day at Saks on 5th Avenue.
    • A posh department store that reinvented itself during the pandemic. during the pandemic. On the top floor, a co-working area has sprung up where suits sit next to hippies and nerds. 

Similar roadshow to Silicon Valley is possible

Additional workshops with high class experts are on demand.

Cost: Depending on package and result of the first analysis.