Objective: Many companies stumble when it comes to spread their message, or are expanding in several countries or areas. Targeting new industries and expanding portfolios.

The marketing department and the public relations are limited within their possibilities but at the same time they are seen as depending on the hierarchies. They have to be ”allowed” to speak. They have to follow a CI or a specific wording.

One first step is of course to empower internal talents to present and speak at conferences and in media.

But still, for them it’s a side gig in their day to day job.

Solution is mostly to hire a full time evangelist.

But again… these are not independent and do not have credibility on stage.

Approach and Benefit: The far better solution is to partner with an charismatic and experienced tech expert able to represent the client at conferences, key notes, press events or webinars. 

Not to be seen as part of the company, a hired voice, but more as a convinced and independent enthusiast. 

A true 

As a renowned speaker in future tech and tech expert the evangelist brings expertise with a view beyond the horizon. Includes his huge network to spread the word. Includes his media appearance and expertise.

Depending on the contract even plausibility checks of early stage innovations and advisory for next developments is possible. Let’s call it validation as a Service with external insights.

Are you looking for experts ready to evangelize for you? Our Voice can become your ambassador.

Cost: Depending on package and result of the first analysis.