Objective: Do good and talk about it.

But companies and other entities often stumble when it comes to show and explain the mission and vision.

The external view becomes more and more important with the rise of Social Media, Influencers and the new generations. In decades the marketing, public relations and external agencies worked well, but times changed.

How can the right innovational spirit, the individual magic become visible?

Approach and Benefit: As a group of renowned speakers in future tech and tech experts, with presence on stage (CES, SXSW, WebSummit,Collision, IAA mobility, IFA, GITEX, FuturePort Prague, WEF, VRDays, AWE and many more) we are inspiring the industry for solutions.

We bring expertise with a view beyond the horizon.

We include our huge network to spread the word.

We include our media appearance and expertise.

Through the years we have gained expertise on stage and behind, we are connected to the world leading events and understand the dynamics to create the necessary visibility, to curate the speakers and guests. And how to interact with the audience.

Our industrial partners are always open for “the right event”.

With our network of creatives we have access to the best media professionals to enhance your event, 

or even to plan and curate an event for a company, a city or a region to step into the spotlight.

So it becomes unnecessary to call yourself the Next whatever

Or the Silicon City or even a Regional Valley

We help you to define your Impact and leave your Individual footprint.

Cost: Depending on package and result of the first analysis.