Objective: Our world is undergoing radical changes. We experience a dematerialization of business models where race for innovation and technologies to stay data informed are the main drivers.

This increase of complexity accelerates the need for decisioning at higher speeds but at the same time we face a limit of digestable informations.

Corporate entities have a different speed and focus than tech companies or StartUps

Approach and Benefit: To close this gap for corporate top decision makers, our service “The Tech Whisperer” is focused on condensed micro-conferences of 4 hours max at the client’s location. We have highly curated top speakers and thought leaders for lightning talks (5-7 min), TED if needed. We offer mini Workshops (not longer than 90 min), to provide compressed informations, pro/con, possible use-cases, probable outcomes and the risks to expect, without the bias of hierarchies or siloed thinking.

Our selected experts do not blurr, don’t use techbabble, come to the point to empower our clients for fast and best informed decisioning. 

The typical micro-conference is 2-3 hours with 4 experts, is Fast, Discrete, Qualified and Focused to prepare for the next steps, to save time, to maximize the benefit to all involved and to help setting Lighthouses in the fog.

Cost: Starting at 100.000USD.