more than just an accelerator, incubator or hub

Project Description/Objective: The usual ideas and implementations of accelerators, incubators or even hubs struggle with the orientation. 

  • Corporate entities are mostly bound on the “brand” and therefore can only move within their already existing ecosystem. 
  • Governmental entities try to catch up, but the political system and bureaucracy are not exactly the best breeding ground for ideas.
  • Commercial entities are under success pressure to find the most profitable ideas. 

These different approaches and interests are sometimes so contradictory, that they fail before they even start. After some infirmity, the programs are realigned and somewhat later discontinued.

A frustrating experience for most involved and most of the time an innovation churn is cultivated.

Approach and Benefit: We all agree that innovation can only arise when thoughts can develop freely.

The what if… needs to become the main imperative.

If generations of innovative people would support each other, instead of competing.

If the industry would support ideas and ideators instead of tailored demand and sometimes even prevent.

Ideation is always the first step on a journey to innovative and sometimes disruptive solutions.

Helping to identify, to evolve, to embed and to educate ideators in the right techniques, methods and mindset is the goal of The Tech Hives.

Providing a global network of investors or co-shareholders for their business idea, fostering solution orientation with the right set of skills or partners within the community. Exchange of ideas with the good feeling of not being left alone. Mentor program from successful entrepreneurs.

Offering the necessary infrastructure through embedding the industry, where the latest and even experimental technologies can be „brute force tested“, hacked and even redefined by the crossdisciplinary ideation approach.

The best balanced outcome is guaranteed by including scientific hackathons as a multi-stage experience.

Overall goal is diversity, inclusion and multidisciplinary solution orientation towards a sustainably smart society. Local ideas are preferred, multiperspectivity, human centricity and ecosystemic thinking are key to success.

But as well helping techniques are being trained like:

  • Learn, Unlearn and Relearn
  • Differences between linear and exponential systems
  • Differences in mindset problem orientation vs solution orientation
  • CrossInnovation Method
  • Collaboration and Cooperation 
  • Communication
  • The five technological layers for data informed businesses

Focus areas are 

  • edutech
  • govtech
  • biotech
  • ecotech
  • human augmentation
  • decentral and renewable energy systems
  • distributed networks
  • smart environments
  • advanced mobility concepts
  • future of manufacturing (distributed, shared and flexible)

With sustainability and circular economy we can shape a circular society.

Cape Town has the power to combine the best of all worlds and to become a blueprint for the next society.

Funding/Cost: in evaluation.